Why Social Bookmarking

The websites that are maintained with social bookmarking sites have high quality background links that help to increase the traffic. Users can browse the site based on popularity, politics, news, tech, sports and more. You can view what other people are using as a bookmark with the help of a search tool. In short, it is an effective way to build your online presence.

    Things to Consider while Social Bookmarking

    These are some of the points that you need to consider while doing social bookmarking.

  • Choose Quality Sites

  • When you start searching for social bookmarking sites then always choose quality websites. Try to spend your time and efforts on some relevant and efficient sites. Don’t go for low authority sites, always give preference to high authority sites as it will help you to get the right traffic. p>

  • Complete your Profile

  • While making the profile on a social bookmarking site add complete information about the company. A clear, concise and completely informative profile helps the search engine index the site earlier. You need to be consistent across the internet and find every relative thing.

  • Engage with the Audience

  • Engaging with the audience is also necessary. The sites work like social media platforms where you can interact with other users. It works best when you are active. Rely on a workable strategy which will help you add new social bookmarks on a weekly basis.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

  • Website Traffic
  • It helps to boost the website traffic as it has a direct effect on the ranking. The browser does not set bookmarks on it’s own and you need to set it manually. Social bookmarking has a direct effect on the ranking and it can increase the traffic of the webpage. It can help to lead thousands of new visitors to your website.

  • Backlinks
  • Creating backlinks are one of the most effective techniques for ranking on search engines. It will achieve domain authority and even helps to rank the keyword. Whenever your content appears on the bookmarking site it creates a backlink which leads back to the original website. All these are high-quality backlinks.

  • Fast Indexing
  • Search engines require constant information on every website which helps the site to rank. The data is collected by crawling the web for updates and information. These updates are stored in Google then it is called indexing. It helps Google bots find and understand the content which speeds up the indexing process.

  • Social Signals
  • Social bookmarks are counted as social signals by google. It helps the search engine decide the popularity of your brand among the public. Your domain authority increases when a large number of people visit your website and this higher authority leads to higher ranking in SERP. It proves to be great for SEO.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List